The Moscow Theatre Centre
"Vishneviy Sad" (the "Cherry Orchard")
under the direction of Aleksandr Vilkin

Moscow state budgetary institution of culture was created in 1995. This theatre was founded by a honoured art worker of the Russian Federation, honoured artist of Russia, Russian and international award winner, holder of a prize of the Moscow City Hall in the area of literature and art, who has worked at the famous Taganka Theatre for more than 25 years, having played a range of leading roles at this theatre, appearing in movies and on television, having directed more than 100 performances in the theatre of Moscow, Russia, and abroad, a recognized master, the Polish Pomeranian Griffin order chevalier for outstanding achievements in the development of modern Polish theatre, professor of the B.V. Shchukin Theatre Institute — Aleksandr Mikhailovich Vilkin.

The name "Vishneviy Sad" (the "Cherry Orchard")
occurs from the intention
to create own creative

where creative matters are based on moral and civil principles declared by the great writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in his works and his life. This name is significant as the 20th century theatre grow from Chekhov’s drama characterized by amazing atmosphere and complex pattern of human relations along with a very definite moral and creative position.

This unique Chekhov’s source inspired such outstanding playwrights as Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco. Therefore, the theatre stages Ionesco, Beckett, Williams, Chekhov, Ostrovsky, Olby, Moliere, Dostoyevsky. The theatre's repertoire is mainly formed based on the best works of modern and classical drama.

A.M. Vilkin’s main subject and his creative and moral principles were precisely described by a well-known theatre critic and honoured art worker, doctor of art, professor Inna Vishnevskaya:

Each time I reveal the same directorial and dramatic approach to different authors staged: not for conviction but for appreciation, not for suffering but for compassion, not against a human but for a human.

A unique project:
two programs under one roof

The "Vishneviy Sad" (the "Cherry Orchard") project is unique as it unites two programs under one roof: theatre, i.e. Moscow Theatre Centre under the direction of Aleksandr Vilkin, and business, i.e. A+ office premises of 20,000 sq.m. The complex is situated in the historical centre of Moscow at the first line of the Garden Ring Road within 50 m from Sukharevskaya metro station.

8 floors
20,000 m²
Units from
450 m²
8,000 m²
99 cars
Within one minute from Sukharevskaya metro station
Office part of the floor is 1,381.6 м2
Non leased areas
ANSI / BOMA Z65.1-2010, Methods A «Office Buildings: Standard measurement and calculation of rentable area (2010)»

The building consists of an eight-storey surface and four-storey underground part, including a three-level parking for 99 cars equipped with a control system of free parking places.

The theatrical part of the centre is situated on the 1–5 floors of the Southern part of the building. The office part is situated in the Northern part of the building on the 1–5 floors, bordering with the theatrical part divided by the fire division wall. There are two separated staircases and two elevators at the office part of the centre. The building of the theatrical business centre is equipped with cutting edge engineering systems, central air conditioning, ventilation and heating, modern security system and modern sprinkler-based fire suppression system.

Office premises on the 6–8 floors occupy the entire area.
LEASING T: +7 495 679 82 67